“… and as Pete Alonso got ready, he began to feel some cold chills running up his spine. Alonso knew what this meant, as he’s heard the stories, he’s heard of the legend. But are the stories true?! Is the myth a reality?!”.

So that was me describing Sunday’s scrimmage in the form of a scary story today, well, because Senga busted out the Ghost forkball for all to see. Some got lucky, or unlucky, I guess it depends on how you view it, by stepping into the box to square off against Senga.

Today’s session was a total 180 from his last one on Friday as Senga seemed to be much more comfortable as he’s already made the adjustments on the hill.

Arguably, the games best power hitter, Pete Alonso stepped in the box to face the brand new Mets star and the Ghost had Alonso running as the first baseman struck out two times.

Later on in the locker rooms, Alonso spoke to the Media on his little outing against the Japanese import. Alonso had this to say “I really don’t have anything to base it off of. It’s like it’s own pitch, it’s a pretty good one.”

Of course, this is leaps and bounds beyond what happened on Friday when Senga himself labeled his bullpen session as a “so-so” experience.

Alonso wasn’t the only Mets superstar to see Senga’s Ghost Pitch, Francisco Lindor was able to get in the box, trying to square off against the 30 year old right-hander.