Nimmo: A lot of work needs to be done

During an in-game interview with Steve Gelbs, Brandon Nimmo talked about new teammates, including Francisco Lindor. Nimmo referenced that he’s a hard worker and brings positive energy to the clubhouse.

When asked about CF, Nimmo spoke about working on the aspects in which he’s in control of. Of course, Nimmo has been a hot conversational topic in regards to if Nimmo is cut out for center.

Nimmo also spoke about the balance of understanding and utilizing analytics, but also listening to the pitchers when adamant about position. For example, deGrom prefers the outfielder’s to play a few steps in.

The Mets decided to stock up with CF’ers these past few weeks, so Nimmo should and would have defensive replacements ready to go in the latter innings if a lead is intact.

Photo from The Athletic

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