Mets keeping tabs on LeMahieu. Does that mean something for Springer?

According to John Heyman, the Mets have been in talks with LeMahieu. The infielder is one of the better players on the market, as he was 4th in 2019 and 3rd in 2020 in the AL MvP voting.

I have wrote about LeMahieu earlier this offseason, as I mentioned LeMahieu not being a great fit personnel wise. However, it’s no secret that LeMahieu is a very good player and would make the Mets better. The interest in LeMahieu, could be logical interest in a good player or even a players agent driving up the price. However, it does make me worry about another big part of my wish list.

This is the second day, LeMahieu is rumored to be in somewhat of the plans of the Mets. This makes me worry that George Springer might prefer playing for the Blue Jays? The Blue Jays have the financial resources to get Springer and make a very strong bid.

Also we have no idea what the preference for Springer himself is. This could mean LeMahieu is a more serious back up plan, if Springer doesn’t sign with the Mets?

I understand that deals take time and I try not to overreact. However, my gut feeling tells me Springer to the Blue Jays might be a stronger possibility then some people think? Hope my gut is wrong and Springer finds his way to Queens.

Photo by: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

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