Buster Onley would bet the farm on Mets signing Springer

Buster Onley said on ESPN radio that he would bet the farm on the Mets signing George Springer. The Connecticut native is one of the bigger fish in the pond this off-season for a Mets team that need a CF’er.

Earlier this offseason I wrote about George Springer his CF defense. Although he is getting older, he has still been a very good defender in center. I look for Springer to be able to patrol in center for 3 years.

The bat is great for Springer. He has power, get on base and hits the ball consistently hard. His expected slugging percentage is one of the best in the league. That for a position which lacks a lot of great players.


George is a great fit and is my prime target this offseason. On The MetsJunkies Podcast I predicted Springer to the Mets for 5 year 120 mil.

Photo from Sports Broadcast Journal

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