2020 Predictions & What actually happened

By Angelina Heather Rizzo

These three New York Mets could shine in 2020 given the opportunity. Here’s a little more about them.

1. Michael Conforto

Prediction: Michael Conforto could easily put up 30 plus home runs and 80 batted in. He could have a nice season depending around the production around him in the lineup.

What actually happened: Conforto had a spot on 2020. He was easily the team’s MVP. Here’s a look at Conforto’s 2020: he hit 9 home runs and 31 batted in, with a .322 batting average. That’s a solid 2020 by the numbers, especially during the Covid shortened season. This is a job well done by the star outfielder, who looks to have a career best 2021 and possibly breakout. It’s only up from here for Conforto, who should be re-signed this off-season.

2. Yoenis Cespedes

Prediction: If healthy, La Potencia should be back to 2015 form. Expect a 25 home run season with 65 batted in if Cespedes stays in good health.

What actually happened: Wow, I did not expect to say this, but, what a disappointment. Cespedes not only was terrible at bat, but, In the end, Yoenis showed his true colors, eventually opting out in the worst fashion possible. The Cespedes/Mets story has thankfully come to an end. Cespedes proved to be reckless in his decision making, while he may have had a valid concern for ill family members at home, he could have picked up the phone the day the team attempted to reach him. That was plain disrespectful to the fans and team alike.

3. J.D. Davis

Prediction: Inserted Davis here in case the Cespedes option fails and the Mets play Davis more. Davis could hit 25 plus and 70 batted in, depending on playing time.

What actually happened: Davis did us a solid 2020. Here’s JD’s 2020 numbers: he hit 8 home runs, drove in 19 runs with a .247 batting average. That’s a good year considering it’s during a Covid shortened season. It may be a glimpse of what Davis is capable of in the future, and he could bring in something decent as far as a trade is concerned. It is just a mere possibility being tossed around, not a speculation or rumor as of yet. Could we see him traded away though? Is it worth getting rid of another potential league superstar? Find out in a future article.

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  2. […] Also read: 2020 Predictions & What actually happened […]


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