Are the Mets sleeping well?

It’s no joke that this fanbase wants and needs their New York Mets to be on point when stepping in between those chalk lines, we need a World Series victory. So one thing that new ownership should look into going forward is how the Mets are spending their time off the field.

Now no one’s going to want to play for a team that has an owner and/or management looking over their shoulder at every turn, and I’m definitely not proposing that they do. However, how about a “Director of Sleep“ or a “Sleeping Coach”?

Sounds insane, doesn’t it? But if you look at Dom Smith’s numbers, you can easily see the improvements since he’s been given instructions on how to sleep. Yes, it’s for sleep apnea and that’s a serious condition but it shouldn’t be exclusively for him.

Via Baseball Prospectus

If the whole team has to wear oxygen masks while sleeping to make them better players, so be it. At the end of the day, these players will also have much better value on the market if any kind of sleep treatment is effectively working.

Photo: Elsa/Getty

2 responses to “Are the Mets sleeping well?”

  1. Rich

    I think it only matters if you have sleep apnea, but you bring up an interesting point. Remember the hyperbaric chamber era? We dont hear a lot about that anymore but Im sure they are used in recovery with the idea that more oxygen helps you heal soft tissue faster. I know that the big European Football clubs monitor everything players eat and drink to the calorie, and implement a 24/7 plan for every player as part of their training regimen. I would guess they use the hybaric chamber too.

    No one likes hedge fund guys, but say this. They innovate and invent and spare no expense at improving and in looking for an edge. I have full confidence in Uncle Steve and his desire to provide anything and everything in order to create a winning culture. Lets go Mets.


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