The Mets shouldn’t trade Wilson Ramos

Year after year, we all either complain about the lack of offense from behind the dish or we’ve heard the complaints. So what the Mets did during the off-season was hire an aging catcher, but an aging catcher that can hit the ball.

So the word is going around that not only does Jacob deGrom prefer Tomas Nido as a personal catcher but now Noah Syndergaard does as well. Majority of the response towards this claim have been negative but I say that this is perfect. Wilson Ramon wasn’t hired to catch 140 games, so why are we expecting him to do so?

The Mets have a few pieces on the Major League roster that they can actually part with, I guess that depends if you look at Syndergaard as a trade chip because the honest truth is that I don’t. Obviously he has value on the market, however I think it’s best for the Mets to hold onto the Texas right hander.

So that may put the Mets in a position to buy, they may not buy big but if they do so, expect upgrades in the bullpen or even potentially at the back of the rotation. The Mets will not upgrade on the offensive front due to the the fact that they feel they’re overstocked with players like J.D. Davis and Todd Frazier.

So trading Wilson Ramos will take away from offensive gaps within the lineup because not everyone can hit on everyday, besides, the team may be more inclined to move someone like Todd Frazier before Wilson Ramos.

The catcher, the buffalo Wilson Ramos is currently hitting .275/.348/.414/.762 with seven doubles and nine home runs with 35 runs scored and 41 RBI’s. While he’s been in a bit of a slump as of recent, he’s still driving liners off the bat and is hitting the ball hard to all fields.

So the Mets need to genuinely embrace a more of a limited amount of playing time for the veteran catcher and there’s nothing wrong with scheduling these days off with whoever’s on the mound that day. Especially if doing so is going to bring out the best results from 25 men on the team.

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