Details to the potential Mets/Mariners trade

MLB Now on the MLBNetwork has released details on the potential Mariners/Mets trade that’ll likely take place later today or during the upcoming weekend. Stay tuned…

More news to come, soon!

2 responses to “Details to the potential Mets/Mariners trade”

  1. Mike R.

    I vomit a little each and every time I see this trade being reported. Why is it that the Mets have all of the leverage ans Seattle is winning this deal? In 2 years Cano has to go back to the AL so he can DH. What a waste! This is essentially two trades in one. Bruce and Swarzak for Cano and prospects for Diaz. What happnes to McNeil? This deal needs to fill needs at catcher or CF in order to make sense. Find a way to get Mallex Smith in exchange for McNeil or walk away. Our new GM is proving to be the bad hire many of us thought he was.


  2. Michael Fisler

    Mets Really Should Also Try To Get Included In The Deal Mallex Smith, A Lead-Off Hitter With Speed (40 Steals Last Year)


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