Peace On Earth And Good Will to YANKEE FANS!?!?!?!?

 By Guy F. White

Last Friday I found myself in one of those situations that lawyers dread.  I needed to have five hearings, in three different courts, in two different counties, at roughly the same time.  Therefore I had to drive to Manassas by 9 am and PRAY that I get out of there fast enough so that I could make the half hour drive to Fairfax by 10.  And since it was so close to Christmas, my clients were demanding and stressed about having their children with them for the holiday.

Almost everything depended on getting my 9 am cases called at the front of the docket.  In turn, getting called early is almost entirely dependent on how the court staff (in this case the bailiff) decides to call the cases.  If he takes pity on me, great.  If not, well I could be in Manassas all morning and all the phone calls in the world to Fairfax assuring the court that I was on my way, wouldn’t get the Fairfax judge to resolve the matter in my clients’ favor and therefore wouldn’t keep my Fairfax clients from wanting to skin me alive.

So I get to Manassas early to beg the bailiff to call me early.  He seems totally unimpressed with my predicament as he scowled.  Not good.   After I sit down, the bailiff, with all the arrogance of a Roman Caesar at the Coliseum who decides whether you live or die with a simple thumb up or down, acknowledged another lawyer wearing a Red Sox tie and growled, (and he appeared completely serious while growling), “You’re a Red Sox fan.  I hate you.  You’re going last.  I’m a Yankee fan” 

Oh great.  A Yankees fan.  My fate was in the hands of a Yankees fan.  This day couldn’t get any worse.  Naturally, I have seen lots of rivalry kidding through my almost 50 years of being a baseball fan, but God help me, this guy wasn’t fooling around.  Figures.  Only a Yankee fan could be this much of a jerk.  Over a baseball team.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I leaned back exasperated, trying to figure out how I scheduled my Friday so poorly and wondering if anyone needed to be fired (including, perhaps me).  The bailiff, noticed my despair and glared at me.  I sighed again.  He glared again.  Harder.  

At this point I figured I had little to lose so I said softly, “How are you on Met fans?” 

“Are you a Met fan?”, (um duh)

Yes I am.  Born and raised just over the city line on Long Island”

“I’m from Brooklyn.  I have no problem with Met fans.  I like them.  Hell, us New Yorkers have to stick together.”

And then he winked at me and smiled.  Somehow, my case was called up first in line. FIRST!!!! I thanked him and I was off to Fairfax.  My life was spared for one more Christmas season.  All because of the benevolence of a Yankee fan.  Wow.

Huh.  Maybe there really is hope for Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Men.  Never mind, Democrat/Republican; North/South; Arab/Israeli, if a Yankee fan can show graceand mercy to a Met fan, maybe, just maybe someday we can all get along.  And isn’t that a large part of what Christmas is all about?  I drove back to my office humming, “Peace on earth and mercy mild . . .”  

So Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to New York baseball fans one and all.  Wherever ye may be.  Even Yankee fans.  Heck, maybe especially Yankee fans.  And until opening day, may God hold you all in the palm of His hand.




The Mets Captain heads to Sin City

As previously reported, David Wright has suffered a setback & took a few days while in Port St. Lucie.

News is now surfacing that David will now head to the Mets AAA affiliate in Las Vegas to continue his rehabilitation assignment after his few days of rest.

Wright is determined to make it to the Majors this year but we’ve yet to see his body hold up long enough for him to accomplish such a feat.

Although the Captain did suffer a setback for a few days, it may help him retain his energy on a more consistent basis. 75% of David Wright is surely better than 0%.

Maybe David should take 1-2 days off during the week just to see how his body & on-field play responds.

It’s worth the shot, Mets.

Mets trade Bautista to division rival

Before Tuesday’s deadline for the Mets & Phillies to work out a trade, the two teams did exactly that. Philadelphia claimed Bautista off of waivers which gave the teams an open door to discuss the possibility of a trade.

The Mets will receive a PTBNL or possibly cash considerations in return. While Bautista is a shell of his former self, he may thrive in Philadelphia where the ballpark is minuscule.

He will provide the Phillies versatility in the field (Not the greatest) while sporting an exceptional OBP. It’s yet to see where the Phillies will be playing Bautista with the acquisition of Justin Bour, Carlos Santana, & Rhys Hoskins.

Mets 3rd baseman David Wright has setback

David Wright has decided that he’s not feeling healthy enough to play on Monday & is resting for a second straight game.

The Mets ownership & management is opting to re-evaluate the health of the New York Mets Captain.

According to Mets head coach Mickey Callaway, Wright “didn’t feel comfortable playing three in a row at this point”.

“He’s going to get a couple of days off, then we’re going to reevaluate where he’s at physically”, said Callaway.

Can Vargas pitch himself off of the Mets?

Up until now, the thought of shipping Jason Vargas off seemed like a fantasy. I mean, what team’s GM would want these numbers on their rotation? Surely a team contending for the playoffs wouldn’t. But I’m not so sure anymore, Vargas has put together two straight starts where he kept the Mets in the game & picked up the win in the second of the two.

If Vargas can put together one more start, maybe going into the 6th inning while giving up two runs, he very well may have opened the door for him to get out & get traded to a contender that’s looking for help at the back end of the rotation. He could also serve & be useful as a long man for a team in the playoffs.

If the Mets aren’t able to unload Vargas by the end of the August Trade Deadline, I believe the right move would be to move him to the bullpen. With Blevins potentially on his way out, Vargas & Zamora could serve as the two lefties coming out of the pen, not only for the remainder of this season but the 2019 season as well.

If management isn’t unable to find a trade partner or unwilling to eat his entire salary, then put him in a position where he doesn’t have to pitch as much. Perfect for when the Mets are up or down by twenty runs. Joe Maddon would have pitchers he would only use in blow outs, It saves the rest of the bullpen while keeping those arms fresh for more important games down the stretch.

This season with the Mets, Vargas has pitched poorly in the small time he’s not been injured. He has a 7.67 ERA in his 58.2 innings pitched, on top of that he’s given up 78 hits, 14 of which were homeruns.

One thing that may favor Vargas if he moves to the pen is his 7.2 strike outs per 9 innings. By no stretch of the imagination is that impressive number, however I don’t find it to be a bad rate. However, time will soon tell what management & of course the Wilpon’s will decide to do. I imagine we might end up looking at another Ollie Perez situation.

Is Mesoraco the Mets answer behind the dish?

As seen on MLBTR, There hasn’t been much “talk” going on Monday a trade involving Mets catcher Devin Mesoraco, Mike Puma of the New York Post tweets, though he notes that a deal still is a possibility & could come together by the non-waiver deadline on Tuesday, it’s unlikely that the right handed catcher would be on the move for the second time this season. Especially, with the woes the Mets deal with when it comes to the extremely demanding position.

Mesoraco, who was falling out of favor in Cincinnati, had already been part of one trade this year in the month of May, as he joined the Mets as the Reds struck a deal for the former Mets ace & phenom Matt Harvey.

Harvey is the owner of a 5-6 record with an ERA currently sitting at 5.13 in exactly 100 innings pitched while striking out 76 batters. His career stats read as such, 39-41 with a 3.74 ERA & striking out 668 batters in 712.1 innings.

However, in the last 7 games, Harvey has a 4-1 record & a 3.82 ERA in 37.2 innings pitched. While he’s not putting up “Dark Knight” numbers, it’s good to see him find himself as a pitcher instead of a hurler.

The now 30-year-old catcher, Mesoraco has batted .230/.206/.393 with eight home runs in 219 plate appearances and caught 26 percent of would-be base stealers this season. He’ll be a free agent in the offseason which makes him a viable trade candidate. Especially, with the Metropolitan’s trying to restock the farm. – Update via Mike Puma of The New York Post.

Gem Tablak: The Mets historically haven’t had much luck when it comes acquiring players via trade or Free Agency so it’s critical with what the Mets plan to do in this situation. It’s extremely difficult to watch an above average catcher just walk away.

I would sign the catcher Mesoraco to a two year extension. Maybe the deal pans out, but hey, it could be worth nothing. If Mesoraco turns out to be a special player in the upcoming months, excellent!! Otherwise, he can always be trade bait if his contract doesn’t come with a long commitment.

Corné’s Cut: Who did the Mets get in return for Cabrera?

By Corné Hogeveen

Thanks for the memories Asdrubal Cabrera. This trade was bound to happen and I’m surprised by what the Mets received in return.

Franklyn Kilome is an intriguing arm. He’s been working as a starter with power stuff. Kilome is a long guy with high BB and K numbers.

He could eventualy be developed as a late inning reliever. Kilome was the #68th overall prospect according to Baseball Prospectus before the 2018 season had started.

He has struggled a bit this year but has been great in July with a 2.16 ERA, holding hitters to a .609 ops. Again, he needs some work but could be something special out of the pen, & that kind of potential for Cabby is a great return

Where are these former Mets now?

Carlos Gomez signed with the Mets at the young age of 16 years old as an international free agent in 2002 & was immediately projected to be a five tool player. Gomez was allegedly so fast, a young Jose Reyes would admit that Gomez would beat him in races on a routinely basis.

Gomez would then make his way through the minor leagues & would eventually earn himself a spot on the Mets in May of 2007. However, later that off season, the Minnesota Twins had announced that they would be exploring trades for their then ace, Johan Santana.

The Mets would end up being the team to pull the trigger to acquire the dominant left handed. The Mets would trade away Carlos Gomez along with Deolis Guerra, Phillip Humber & Kevin Mulvey on January 29, 2008.

Gomez would only spend a year in Minnesota before being shipped back to the National League with the Milwaukee Brewers. J.J. Hardy would go to the Twins in return.

Gomez would start to settle in with the Brewers. In the off-season prior to 2013, Gomez would ink a 3-year, $24 million extension with the N.L. Central club.

In 2015, Gomez was nearly traded back to the Mets however, the deal fell through due to a fail physical from one of the Mets minor leaguer’s expected to go to the Brewers as compensation.

Eventually, he would be traded to the Houston Astro’s along with RHP Mike Fiers for Brett Phillips, Domingo Santana, Josh Hader, & Adrian Houser. Later that season, Gomez would hit a solo home run against the Yankees in the A.L. Wild Card game to give the Astro’s the 2-0 lead before winning the contest 3-0.

After spending an uneventful season with the Texas Rangers in 2017, he would sign a contract with the Rays.

This year with the Rays, Gomez is batting .221/.307/.363 with a .670 OPS with 8 home runs, 23 RBI’s, to go along with 7 stolen bases.

His career numbers are .254/.314/.415/.730 with 141 Home Run’s, 230 doubles, 41 triples, 527 RBI’s.

Mets need to give Flores more time

Wilmer Flores has seemed like the odd man out for a few years now. He was almost traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for CF Carlos Gomez. When the deal fell through, the City of New York seemed to fall in love with the Venezuelan infielder.

In 2015, Flores played 137 games while accumulating 483 at-bats. During that span, Flores his 22 doubles, 16 home runs with a .263/.295/.408 slash line. Granted, I’m sure a manager would like to see Flores rock a higher .OBP, but even with that flaw in his game, he’s still producing.

In 2016, Flores’ playing time was cut as he only played 103 games but once again, the infielder was producing. He sported a .267/.319/.469 slash line but he also matched his home run amount from the year before, which was 16 as well as hit 14 doubles.

2017 wasn’t so much different for Wilmer. He played in 110 games with 336 at-bats while hitting 17 doubles & 18 home runs. This season, Flores has 12 doubles as well as 7 home runs in just 170 at-bats.

If the Mets do decide to trade Asdrubal Cabrera during the trade deadline, Wilmer Flores has to be next in line to prove himself. The man can only sit on the bench for so long while putting up “semi” full time numbers.