Dodgers sign Trevor Bauer

In a crazy 30 days in which the Mets fired and hired a new GM, Steve Cohen, Sandy Alderson, Zack Scott and the Mets missed out on Trevor Bauer, according to Jon Heyman.

Bauer, who is represented by Rachel Luba of Luba Sports, could’ve joined a rotation that currently has two-time Cy Young award winner in Jacob deGrom as the one-two Ace combo. Here’s what the rotation could’ve look like…

  1. Jacob deGrom
  2. Trevor Bauer
  3. Marcus Stroman
  4. David Peterson
  5. Steven Matz

The Mets can now focus on a few different areas as opposed to just one. I expect the team fill a few of those holes in the near future.

Photo from David Kohl, USA TODAY Sports

Source: Jon Heyman

Three options for Thor moving forward

The New York Mets acquired Noah Syndergaard as a Single-A pitcher from the Toronto Blue Jays. The tall righty came in a package alongside with catchers John Buck and Travis d’Arnaud, as well as low level minor league outfielder Wuilmer Becerra.

Syndergaard was looked at as an absolute steal at the time, considering that reports came in how he was a “throw-in” in this deal. Now, I’m sure that’s not the case. The Blue Jays were making a heavy push and they viewed Dickey as that pitcher/player to get them a Word Series ring.

I don’t know if I can say it’s rightfully so, considering Dickey’s age at the time. However, Dickey was the reigning National League Cy Young award winner.

But we’re here to talk about Noah’s options going forward and I’m not talking about throwing him into the bullpen and turning him into the greatest reliever known to man.

  1. Trade Noah: This would need to happen after Syndergaard’s return which Sandy Alderson said realistically could be in June. But what are you getting for the righty? You’re not getting the 2015 hype of Noah Syndergaard, so simultaneously don’t expect such a tremendous return.
  2. Extend him now: This would be the Mets idealistic move. That being said, this would hurt Syndergaard the most… why? Well, because he’s coming off of a big injury as well as being a bit inconsistent before hand. So his value could not be lower, which is the same reason you don’t opt for trading him.
  3. Ride 2021 out: So this is what makes sense for both sides. Syndergaard came out a few years ago stating that he’d like to test his value on the Free Agent market. Granted, he said this in the midst of his high times, the statement is still out there. The Mets actually still need to figure out who the Texas native is once he hits the mound. It could be something that he needs to still figure out. But he needs to find the middle ground with trying to blow away batters with a fastball in the upper 90’s and working the corners as well as the knees in the strike zone.

Syndergaard is set to earn $9.7M in 2021, however if he has the season that him and the Mets have expected since his emergence, he could easily make $25M per year. And as much as he loves New York, New York City, and the unbelievable atmosphere, with everything changing worldwide, the Texas native may opt to be closer to home.

Photo from New York Mets