Mets Trade Target: Jo Adell

Jo Adell was drafted by the Angels 10th overall in the 2017 draft and was praised for having the athleticism of an elite defensive player. The toolsy outfielder has been described as a potential franchise player. His scouting report has his tool ranked at the following: 45-55 Hit , 60-70 Power, 60-65 Speed, 50-60 Arm, and 50-60 Field. He had a very disappointing freshman year offensively, and made a horrendous defensive play that went viral when he allowed a rare four-base error when Texas Rangers Nick Solak hit a fly ball that popped out of Adell glove and went over the wall for a home run. Maybe a change of scenery may help the youngster unlock his super star potential?

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The Angels already have a superstar at CF in Mike Trout, and have two other toolsy OF prospects almost ready (Brandon Marsh ETA 2021 and Jordyn Adams 2022) not named Jo Adell. They also have big money tied up at LF with Justin Upton manning the spot until the end of 2022 and Trout is locked up at CF through 2030 (although towards the end of the contract he might see more times in the OF corners or MAYBE DH). The Angels seem to be interested in putting a contending team as they recently signed Anthony Rendon but never seem to put the pieces together. The Angels have a need at SS, a position where the Mets can afford to move (especially if they are targeting Lindor) and a need for a starting Pitcher. The Mets have a need for a true CF. The two might be able to work out a trade.

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Adell has slashed a respectable 298/361/518 in his combined minor league career and I expect him to hit in a similar way in the MLB level but with a slightly lower BA (.260-.270) and much more power. Remember that Adell is only 21 years old and is still developing so if he adjusts to the MLB level, he would be one of the top CF in the game. He’s been compared to Melvin Upton Jr and Bryon Buxton because of how athletics he is but he has the ceiling of achieving higher status if his bat comes together. CF has been one of the Mets weakest position defensively for the last few years and since trading Jared Kelenic, the Mets could afford to bring back some excitement in that position. Steve Cohen hinted at looking to improve the team via trades and the farm, so maybe the Mets can tap into Adell and unlock his super star status.

What would it cost? Teams are looking to stay young so acquiring such hyped up youngster under team control through 2027 may be costly. The Angels would want back some MLB ready asset they can control. However, since the Angels need a SS to replace Simmons , I believe that the Mets can negotiate a deal using Andres Gimenez as the key piece to the deal. The Angels have over $118 million committed to Trout, Pujols, Rendon and Upton for the 2021 season so it would make sense for them to attempt to seek out a cheap option at SS. Gimenez + J.T. Ginn or Thomas Szupucki and Junior Santos should be enough to buy low on the potential superstar CFer.

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Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire