Leadership: What is it?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here I know, but this has been on my mind for some time and especially during the Mets recent atrocious skid.

So, What is leadership exactly? Is it showing a bright and happy face during Pre and Post game interviews? Is it keeping positive energy and good vibes during bad times? Lots of fans question whether the Mets have real leadership. While I can certainly understand why, I think fans need a real understanding on what leadership is.

Look no further than one Francisco Lindor, An on the Field leader who whenever he plays and is on the field, you see him calming guys down, reassuring his teammates, keeping positive vibes while at the same time, keeping it real and honest when things are rough. Now, that’s not a knock on Pete Alonso who is an optimist and likes to put a positive spin on things. Let it be known, there is nothing wrong with that at all. What fans are doing is destroying Pete Alonso for being positive and for him feeling like he doesn’t need to point out the obvious. Some players will call it like it is, some players will see the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel (Positive outlook) and some players will be in the middle, Positive with some realistic view.

Here’s the issue though….Fans, Media, Talking heads, bloggers, myself included don’t know what goes on in the Clubhouse behind closed doors and we will never know. Are guys losing their minds? Are guys just Happy-go-Lucky? Is Luis Rojas digging it into them? Is he cheering the lack of Offense? We’ll never know and that’s something that benefits the team. What the fans, Media, Talking Heads, Bloggers don’t know is best. But let’s not take that too far, Remember the Rat/Raccoon fiasco? Everyone was miffed that the Mets weren’t “Honest” about what happened and honestly, good that they didn’t. Media, fans, Talking Heads and Bloggers have ways of blowing things out of proportion. But now I digress.

We’ve seen this team literally plummet harder than Tom Petty’s Free Falling and yet instead of being doom and gloom about it, the Mets as a whole are having positive energy. Hate him all you want, but Luis Rojas has kept his guys motivated through this awful stretch. Also, Even though the Mets are now 7 games back of the now First place Atlanta Braves, Rojas helped kept an injury riddled Mets team in First place for 90 consecutive days when the Mets were using their C and D squad players.

Now here’s the point I’m making. When Francisco Lindor went down with his oblique injury, It reflected on how much he was missed on the Field. It’s one thing to be in the Dugout on the Injured list and be a Leader, but there’s a Humongous difference when a star player or a Leader is on the field playing along side you. Examples are going to pitchers mound visits to reassure pitchers that everything’s going to be fine/helping him calm down and feed him a positive outlook on the situation. Since Lindor went down, the Leadership isn’t the same and other players have tried to take over that role in his absence.

Pete Alonso is one of those guys trying to “Hold down the Fort” so-to-speak. Is it working? I wouldn’t immediately shoot it down, but is he has good as Lindor? From what we can see, no he isn’t. Again, that’s not a knock against Alonso, He has his own way of being a Leader. The same goes with Luis Rojas, While it may look like he looks uninspiring, lost or even unintelligent, He knows what he’s doing (as far as what the analytics department allows him to do). In terms of keeping his team motivated, standing up for his guys and showing he believes in them, he’s got it down to a science. To question him on standing up for his players is ludicrous. You see it all the time when barking at umpires, questioning calls, you name it. His players could be 100% wrong in whatever play was made or with a call regarding a ball or strike, but he’ll go out there and fight for his guys. That’s what a real good manager does for his team. You also see that the players love playing for him and do whatever they can for him, including some late game rallies. That’s not saying they’ve been doing it recently, but The Players do love his influence as well as how he handles media and stands up for them.

While some fans, Media, Talking heads and bloggers may find this asinine and want Managers to be like those of the managers “back in the day” like Billy Martin, Joe Girardi, Buck Showalter and some even may reference Wally Backman out of all names, Managers in today’s game simply don’t do that anymore, It’s one of the reasons why Joe Girardi was canned as Yankees manager. He called out Gary Sanchez a few times and the organization as well as the Player(s) hated that. While I admit that players should grow more of a backbone and suck it up, That’s how players are nowadays. There’s just no changing that and the game has changed dramatically.

Leadership now is how you defend your players, are there for your team and how you keep them motivated and how you face the Media at times. Whether you agree with it or not, that’s how the game has evolved now. There’s nothing anyone can do to change that. Leadership for an MLB team is also how you conduct yourself after a good or bad performance and how you respond to others or even how you talk to the Media. Most responses are PR responses/right things to say and you can certainly understand that, However there are something that players say that you really need to read between the lines with and not see it as a general statement or what fans claim as “Delusional” or “in Denial”.

I’ll reiterate, what fans, Media, Talking heads, bloggers don’t know what happens behind closed doors in the clubhouse is for the better. They don’t need to know and it’s best left to the Players, coaches, Manager, Front Office Executives and Owner(s).

Mets Postgame Prediction Recap: Marlins vs Mets 4/10/21

Final score: Marlins 3 Mets 0


Final Score

Marlins 2 Mets 4

Mets Player of the Game

Jacob deGrom (Learned my lesson to never not put deGrom as POTG)

Marlins Player of the Game

Jesus Aguilar

(Trevor Rogers)

Mets First Hit of the Game

Dom Smith

(Brandon Nimmo)

Marlins First Hit of the Game

Jesus Aguilar

(Jazz Chisolm)

How I Get Graded

Every prediction I make is worth 1 point. At the end of the day, there are 12 points up for grabs in 2021.

1 point for picking winner

1 point for picking Mets score correctly

1 point for picking opponents score correctly

1 point if the score of the game is correct, but winner is wrong

1 point for Mets player of the game

1 point for opponent’s player of the game

3 points for picking who gets the first hit for both teams (Doesn’t count against me if it’s wrong. This is because it is really difficult to predict this stat, so it is like a bonus stat.)

Total Points: 1

2021 Prediction Record: 14-30 (.467)

Stat Predictions: Mets Rotation

The Mets rotation this year is going to be an interesting one. Four of the five Mets starters are slated to be there for the entire season, with Carlos Carrasco being the only question mark.

Mets Rotation

  1. Jacob deGrom
  2. Marcus Stroman
  3. Carlos Carrasco (When he returns)
  4. David Peterson
  5. Taijuan Walker
  6. Joey Lucchesi (Until Carrasco returns)

Jacob deGrom 20-6 2.33 ERA 288 K’s 0.951 WHIP

Marcus Stroman 14-12 3.49 ERA 225 K’s 1.199 WHIP

Carlos Carrasco 10-8 3.52 ERA 174 K’S 1.201 WHIP

David Peterson 13-8 3.22 ERA 194 K’s 1.155 WHIP

Taijuan Walker 12-11 3.68 ERA 190 K’s 1.245 WHIP

Joey Lucchesi 2-3 5.33 ERA 67 K’s 1.422 WHIP

The Mets rotation looks good. I think getting Carrasco back will help a lot, and will add to an already good rotation. Predicting pitcher stats is probably the most difficult thing to do, so take these with a grain of salt. That is another reason as to why I am not going to do reliever predictions, because those are even more challenging.

Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Stat Predictions: Mets Lineup

The Mets lineup is going to be something special in 2021. Arguably the best Mets lineup in recent memory, it is a fun one to predict.

Predicted Lineup

  1. Brandon Nimmo
  2. Francisco Lindor
  3. Pete Alonso
  4. Michael Conforto
  5. Dom Smith
  6. James McCann
  7. Jeff McNeil
  8. JD Davis

Brandon Nimmo- .316 AVG 18 Home Runs 60 RBI .400 OBP .466 SLG

Francisco Lindor- .315 AVG 35 Home Runs 99 RBI .393 OBP .558 SLG

Pete Alonso- .270 AVG 44 Home Runs 105 RBI .352 OBP .602 SLG

Michael Conforto- .286 AVG 36 Home Runs 92 RBI .360 OBP .555 SLG

Dom Smith- .281 AVG 28 Home Runs 84 RBI .352 OBP .535 SLG

James McCann- .276 AVG 20 Home Runs 72 RBI .335 OBP .483 SLG

Jeff McNeil- .279 AVG 22 Home Runs 89 RBI .349 OBP .473 SLG

JD Davis- .257 AVG 24 Home Runs 77 RBI .338 OBP .462 SLG

I know this lineup seems to have many great players that are going to have great years, but I think this is as realistic as possible. I could see Lindor and Nimmo possibly having higher batting averages, and Alonso and Conforto with potentially more home runs. These numbers could bode well for the future of the Mets in 2021.

Photo Credit Greg Joyce New York Post

Mets Opening Day Lineup and Rotation Prediction

It’s prediction season! With only two days until Opening Day, I have many predictions that I want to release here on the site. This is the first one of many that I plan on having here over the next few days.

Opening Day Lineup Prediction

  1. Brandon Nimmo
  2. Francisco Lindor
  3. Pete Alonso
  4. Michael Conforto
  5. Dom Smith
  6. James McCann
  7. Jeff McNeil
  8. JD Davis
  9. Jacob deGrom

I know many people think having James McCann in the six spot over McNeil and Davis is crazy, but hear me out. If I did 4, 5, and 6 as Conforto, Smith, and McNeil, the Mets would have three lefties in the order in a row. Not to mention that they come in the second third of the order perfectly. With today’s three-batter minimum, it is handing the opponent a free lefty-lefty matchup for an entire inning.

I believe that James McCann has proven himself over the Spring to be a good bat in the lineup. Add that with McNeil and Davis having somewhat disappointing Springs, he would slot in perfectly in the six spot.

Starting Five

  1. Jacob deGrom
  2. Marcus Stroman
  3. Taijuan Walker
  4. David Peterson
  5. Joey Lucchesi

The starting rotation is probably the easier one to predict. However, the only thing that can throw someone for a loop is the back-to-back lefties. That most likely would end up being a good thing, but it may also be good to ensure that there is a lefty in every single series. The only way to do that is by throwing Peterson third. It really depends on what Luis Rojas prefers to do, and he has not really said publicly his feelings on that.

Photo Credit Tim Britton The Athletic