Cano to the Mets?

By Corné Hogeveen

Cano to Queens? Could a trade actually work out for the Mets?

There are some rumors swirling around that the Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto has called the NY Teams to look to trade Robinson Cano. Reason, of course, for the Mariners is to shed some money off the books for the 36 year old second baseman. Is there anyway for the Mets to make a trade for Cano a consideration? Yes there is.

Ofcourse I’m aware that trading for Cano is still a long shot. Cano is a 36 year old second baseman that comes off a year where he was suspended for 82 games due a PED use, plus the 36 year old still has 5 years/140 mil left on his contract. Also there isn’t really a need a second baseman, with the emergence of Jeff McNeil and the fact is that Cano bats left handed, something we have a ton off in our line-up already.

But why would I be intrigued then? It started after seeing a video from MLB Network, where Dan O’Dowd proposed a trade that the Mets would definitely benefit from:

Mets get:

  • Robinson Cano (Mets pay the remaining of the contract)
  • Mallex Smith
  • Edwin Diaz

Mariners get:

  • Jay Bruce (Mariners pay the remaining of the contract)
  • Dom Smith
  • Andres Gimenez

This trade will ONLY happen if the Mariners are really desperate to move Cano and his contract. The Mets will get Cano, who put up a 3.2 WAR season in half a year. Mallex Smith, a young and under control true center fielder as well as Edwin Diaz, a top 3 closer in the majors who is also young and controllable. So you don’t only invest in Cano this way, but also the other 2 young and controllable players, in a place the Mets have a need. The haul the Mariners get back in this trade might not be enough. Diaz is a prime closer and Smith is a very useful player as well, both under contract for many years.

There are also others ways for this to happen. The Mets could add more prospect that might let the Mariners pay some of the remaining contract or the players added to the trade by the Mariners might make them be willing to pay more of the contract back. The Mariners also have other assets like Mich Hanniger or Jean Segura that could be part of a potential proposal?

Still, when adding Cano there are some changes that need to be made. Cano will probably get some time at first, but will mostly be a second baseman. That will mean that McNeil will probably play some third and second, more of an utility role were he still plays about 125 games? The Mets will also be extremely heavily Left handed in the line-up. You will have 5 of the 8 every day hitters, hitting left handed and all your best hitters. This doesn’t get you the big right handed bat you are looking for. But it does give you loads of production out of your lineup.

Getting Cano would only makes sense if the Mets get a lopsided deal WITH getting other pieces of the puzzle for this trade to make any sense. It will require a creative way to finalize it and even then it’s still a long shot and don’t see it happening. But this is fun about the HOT STOVE Season.

Corné’s Cut: Who did the Mets get in return for Cabrera?

By Corné Hogeveen

Thanks for the memories Asdrubal Cabrera. This trade was bound to happen and I’m surprised by what the Mets received in return.

Franklyn Kilome is an intriguing arm. He’s been working as a starter with power stuff. Kilome is a long guy with high BB and K numbers.

He could eventualy be developed as a late inning reliever. Kilome was the #68th overall prospect according to Baseball Prospectus before the 2018 season had started.

He has struggled a bit this year but has been great in July with a 2.16 ERA, holding hitters to a .609 ops. Again, he needs some work but could be something special out of the pen, & that kind of potential for Cabby is a great return

Mets need to give Flores more time

Wilmer Flores has seemed like the odd man out for a few years now. He was almost traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for CF Carlos Gomez. When the deal fell through, the City of New York seemed to fall in love with the Venezuelan infielder.

In 2015, Flores played 137 games while accumulating 483 at-bats. During that span, Flores his 22 doubles, 16 home runs with a .263/.295/.408 slash line. Granted, I’m sure a manager would like to see Flores rock a higher .OBP, but even with that flaw in his game, he’s still producing.

In 2016, Flores’ playing time was cut as he only played 103 games but once again, the infielder was producing. He sported a .267/.319/.469 slash line but he also matched his home run amount from the year before, which was 16 as well as hit 14 doubles.

2017 wasn’t so much different for Wilmer. He played in 110 games with 336 at-bats while hitting 17 doubles & 18 home runs. This season, Flores has 12 doubles as well as 7 home runs in just 170 at-bats.

If the Mets do decide to trade Asdrubal Cabrera during the trade deadline, Wilmer Flores has to be next in line to prove himself. The man can only sit on the bench for so long while putting up “semi” full time numbers.


Are the Mets ready to trade Cabrera?

Asdrubal Cabrera has no doubt been one of the most consistent in the 2018 season. However, the aging infielder is not a long term fix or solution for the Mets going forward.

Cabrera has had a solid season manning down the infield for the Metropolitan’s. But that doesn’t seem to be working in his favor, especially if he hopes to remain a New York Met.

In 299 at-bats, Cabrera has 13 dingers while driving in 44 R.B.I.’s with his 85 hits producing a .284/.327/.482/.809 slash line.

While most of us fans see him as one of the few bright spots of the club, & it’s true, he is. He’s become more valuable to a playoff contender as opposed to a team struggling to win games against the bottom of the barrel.

So if Cabrera is more valuable to a playoff contender, due to desperation, that team is more likely to part ways with a prospect or two they normally wouldn’t consider letting go.

It may be time to pull the trigger on Asdrubal Cabrera. What’s your thoughts on Cab’s & potential trades?

Will the Mets be sellers at the deadline?

It’s been a pretty typical season for the Mets. They’ve been hovering around .500 while players are continuously getting injured. So what approach does management take during the next few months?

The idea of shopping guys like Adrian Gonzalez, Asdrubal Cabrera, & even the Todd Father can be made & us fans wouldn’t hesitate to really care. But it’s easy to make the decision to deal away a short term player, so what about the core?

I don’t want to see the Mets trade away Conforto, deGrom, Thor, plus many other players I hold dear to my heart. But the Mets seem to go through more down years than the good.

It’s never great when trading a player in his prime, but in order to preserve future Met teams to be winners, it may be time to start trading off the core of this Mets club.

Who would you trade?

Maybe these guys.