Analytical Management: The New Feel For The Game.

Here’s a thought:

When the Mets fired Dave Eiland back in 2019, the pitching started to get better. His methods were “Old school” and players were having trouble adapting to his methods and teachings. When Phil Regan (GOAT/Vulture) took over, the Mets pitching seemed to have gotten better. Regan followed the Analytics while also implementing his own experience, but mostly putting the analytical data first.

Chili Davis and Tom Slater had old school methods and approaches. Now that they’re gone, the Mets are going with…You guessed it, more of an analytical approach. Hense why they brought Hugh Quattlebaum and Kevin Howard. Both worked in the Minor leagues. Hugh as the Minor League Coordinator and Howard as the Farm director….In other words, heavy in analytics.

The Struggles of Francisco Lindor didn’t help their case, but neither did the struggles of the offense as a whole, including struggling with RISP with the exception of recently in the Series win in Philadelphia.

As for Luis Rojas, his job is completely safe. He’s an analytics first manager like most in the league, meaning that most/If not all of his decisions are based off of Analytics. This includes writing the lineup (Written for him), In game decisions, which pitchers to bring in at which times, you name it. No manager has full say anymore in today’s game with everyone so heavily sold on analytics, with the exception being the Phillies in Joe Girardi, who demanded he have control of writing the lineup before he signed on to be the manager for Philly.

Although I don’t agree with it at all, MLB has been trending in this direction since if I were to guess, 2016/2017. The art of a manager actually managing a game, those days are long gone now. The manager is now a scapegoat while the analytics department gets the ultimate free pass. Every team now invests heavily in analytics. It’s the way of the game nowadays sadly. You can say to hell with the stats, but that’s ultimately what’s driving the game. It’s no longer a feel for the game anymore, unless you feel the analytics.

Mets-Nationals 2021 Opening Day Postponed

The New York Mets and Washington Nationals Opening Day game has been postponed due to Covid-19 issues. What we know now, the Nationals have two players that have now tested positive. Over five others need to quarantine because of contact tracing. MLB has announced that the Mets will not make up the game tomorrow, April 2, and the earliest the series can open is Saturday, April 3. We are awaiting more information.

It does seem that this may lead to SNY getting to call the opener, as someone on Twitter said could be a possibly.

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Here’s what the Mets offered Lindor

Recently we found out that Steve Cohen and Francisco Lindor enjoyed a night out at a restaurant, a lot of speculation has arisen since. However, thankfully Andy Martino was able to gain a “pretty accurate” figure, according to a source.

The offer was for $325M over a 10-year stretch, which is more than double from when David Wright signed his franchise setting contract. Of course, Wright’s deal was an extension and was for $138M over the course of an eight-year period.

Jon Heyman is also reporting that this will be the final offer from the Mets to Lindor.

It’s unclear if there were any opt-outs included, but I imagine so. I’m not sure if Lindor is holding out for a bigger offer from the Mets, or if he’s just dead set on entering free agency.

While all of us fans are ecstatic to have Lindor manning down shortstop all year long, we’re also eager to see a long-term come about. Yes, there’s going to be a few shortstops hitting the market after this season, I’m not sure any of them are as exciting as Lindor is.

Mets release Montgomery

After a bad outing today, the Mets have released left-handed pitcher Mike Montgomery. Montgomery had an option to opt out in his contract.

Montgomery appeared in four games this Spring and pitched to a 6.14 ERA in 7.1 innings. While he was hit around a bunch, he did also manage to strike out nine batters.

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Hunter opts out

Tim Healey is reporting that it’s looking like that veteran right-handed reliever Tommy Hunter has opted out of his deal with the Mets.

Hunter appeared in five games this spring and pitched to a 3.60 ERA. The righty had a 1-1 record in 5.0 innings pitched and struck out three batters, he also held the opposition to a .167 batting average.

Throughout his career, Hunter has posted an ERA of 4.08 in 863.1 innings pitched. However, the Mets have a ton of depth in relief with pitchers like Miguel Castro and Drew Smith, just to name a couple.

A few years ago I would’ve said that Hunter could find a job relatively quick but the truth is that a lot has changed over the years. Good luck to Tommy Hunter!! Unless he’s pitching against us, of course.