Are the Mets Ready to Move Mauricio?

Fans of the youngster have been waiting him for a few seasons now and it’s not a surprise that the shortstop has built a following.

When your team is hitting and/or winning ballgames, you’re probably not in much of a hurry to promote the switch-hitter. The last thing you want your prospects to do is sit and stay cold, especially when the sky is the limit.

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For example, Francisco Alvarez seems to be connected to the pine benches way too often for a potential 30-Home Run bat. I mean, the kid is playing a premier position where offense tends to be sacrificed for a well enough glove.

Mauricio also plays a premier position as the shortstop is the de facto captain of the infield. However, Francisco Lindor is not going anywhere.

So what’s the plan? TF are the Mets planning to do here?

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You could move Mauricio over to third base, but Brett Baty is on the cusp of taking over at third. So, that’s not going to happen, not with a healthy Baty.

Second base is another option and it could be the more appealing option for the Mets. While Jeff McNeil is usually posted over at second, McNeil is the kind of Utility-Player that can play all over. Not to mention, McNeil is one of the handful of players that got an extension with the club.

Center fielder Brandon Nimmo also got a pretty big extension after testing the Free Agent market last offseason. The Mets could potentially move Nimmo over to Right once Starling Marte’s and Mark Cahna’s contracts expires.

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As of now, it seems like the corner outfield positions are the best bet for the phenom Mauricio.

However, the Mets are desperate for top of the rotation pitching. Yes, Scherzer is the cot damn man and Verlander is also a stud, even though he’s yet to play.

But these two are so old that it makes no sense for the Mets to try and acquire an ace that’s in their mid to late 20’s.

With just about every team in the MLB asking for prospects like Ronny Mauricio, Brett Baty, and Fransisco Alvarez, the Mets may be forced to make a trade.

Up until now, Sandy Alderson and Bill Eppler have declined to let go of their high ranking prospects and that’s definitely worked out. Now, it’d they entertain to do so, I believe they’re a ton more valuable now as opposed to last season.

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While it’s something I definitely do not want to see, I would understand why the Mets and management would make the move.

Mauricio is on a tear with the Syracuse Mets while displaying a ton of power. He’s right around the corner of a potential call-up, hopefully it’ll be with the Mets.


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