McNeil, Mets chase Alacantara away

Jeff McNeil and the Mets are currently up 1-0 on the year, as they take the W over the Miami Marlins in South Beach.

The Marlins pitcher Sandy Alacantara, reigning N.L. Cy Young Award winner tossed 5.2 innings while giving up three runs on three hits.

The Ace on the Mets staff, Max Scherzer, would end up going six innings, yielding three runs on four hits, striking out six. While he wasn’t dynamite explosive, this was great to see coming out of the gates.

It was fun to watch, I really enjoyed the new rules as they were being explained to us by GKR in the booth. I’m also just really happy to see Steve Cohen have fun with this team, which is so weird, I know.


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