With some great news pertaining to our younger prospects in the organization, the Mets do not seem to have their back to the wall. In other words, Mauricio could hit .400 all Spring Training, and I don’t think that’ll change the teams plans with how they approach opening day.

Moving on, Mets star catcher Francisco Alvarez leads the list as he’s the number one prospect of the league. Wow, wow, wow… what high praises?!

The surprise for the list? Well, that would come in the form of the 29 year old Japanese born Kodai Senga slotted in as the second best prospect. Yep, with this obviously being his first season in the MLB, this comes after spending 11 seasons in the NPB, giving him a clear cut advantage over the rest of his peers, a bunch 23 year olds just getting their toes wet.

Third baseman Brett Baty is the team’s fourth best prospect while Catcher Kevin Parada and outfielder Alex Ramirez round up the rest of the list.

Via Baseball America

I can’t wait for the season to begin, I’m so super excited! Let’s fuckin go Mets!!!

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