Now before everyone loses their lid, the headline is referring to Nimmo stealing bases, and will not be joining the Trey-Nine Crip Gang.

New York Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo is a talented outfielder who has shown a strong ability to get on base during his career. He certainly proved his talent and just how highly coveted he is, as Cohen wrote the Wyoming born player a check for $162M, over the course of eight years.

In other words, we’re a long ways from Brandon Nimmo being the 2.0 version of either Gary Matthews junior or Jason Bay.

Now while he has stolen some bases in the past, he has never been known as a particularly aggressive base stealer. However, if Nimmo wants to steal more bases, there are a few things he can focus on to improve his success rate:

  • Improve his jump: One of the most important aspects of stealing bases is getting a good jump off of the pitcher. Nimmo can work on reading pitchers better and improving his first-step quickness to get a better jump and increase his chances of success.
  • Study opposing pitchers: Nimmo can also study opposing pitchers and their tendencies when it comes to holding runners and delivering the ball to the plate. This can help him identify pitchers who are slower to the plate or who have predictable moves, making it easier for him to steal successfully.
  • Focus on technique: Good base stealing requires more than just speed. Nimmo can work on improving his technique, including his slide and his ability to read the catcher’s throw, to increase his success rate and reduce the risk of injury.

Overall, if Nimmo wants to steal more bases, he will need to focus on improving his technique and studying opposing pitchers to identify opportunities. With hard work and dedication, he can become a more successful base stealer and add another dimension to his already impressive game.