Recently, we did a 2023 Projection for infielder Jeff McNeil and as usual, it was a ton of fun. So let’s continue, however, this time we’ll move on to a pitcher. I figure that it won’t hurt to alternate weekly with a position player, then a pitcher.

This week, we’ll take a gander at the projected statistics of Future Hall of Famer, Justin Verlander. The right hander has had an incredible career, but the former Cy Young Award winner just turned 40 years old three days ago (February 20, 1983).

So let’s take a look at the worst projections, the best projections, as well as my own projections for the upcoming 2023 campaign.


Steamer has Verlander picking up only 12 victories with 9 losses while sporting a 3.36 ERA. This is hardly a terrible line but these numbers don’t hold up to Verlander’s standards.

RotoChamp has Verlander rocking a 14-6 win/loss record, with 190 strikeouts, and a highly impressive 2.67 ERA through 175 innings pitched.

Without Jacob deGrom, the Mets rotation just doesn’t feel the same. However, if you’re looking to move on, Justin Verlander is the kind of pitcher that’ll lessen your anxiety going into the post-deGrom era.

I see Verlander’s 2023 looking like such. The righty will end the season with 169 innings pitched, a 15-6 win/loss record, with 188 strikeouts.

The biggest question, however is, is this going to be enough from Verlander to help bring a championship to Queens and the rest of New York.