Mets that won’t be back in 2023 (Part 2)

Last week I put together a short list of three players that won’t return to the Mets in 2023, as well as the reason why. Since the Mets have a gigantic boatload of players finishing up their contracts, here’s part two.

  • Tijuan Walker – With Walker having a player option for the 2023 season to go alongside a strong 2022, I expect the big right hander to decline the option and test his value on the market. Last season, Walker threw 157.1 innings while owning a solid 12-5 record and an above average 3.49 ERA. Will he hold up the market with his incredible talents? No, not exactly, but expect him to have a few extra years of security past this upcoming 2023 season.
  • Jacob deGrom – Now listen to all the hearts of Mets fans break simultaneously. It’s no secret that the man, oops, I mean the GOAT was underpaid during his last contract. And while I’m hoping it can all be looked over and resolved by Steve Cohen, and what seems to be his endless finances, I still believe that the combination of bad business and the team’s mixed results on-field will push deGrom into relocation. Especially if there’s any truth to the unconfirmed rumors of deGrom wanting to be closer to his home in Florida.
  • Dom Smith – It just feels like Smith’s time has run it’s course for about eight months now. With the Mets seemingly comfortable with Alonso at first base and the potential platoon of Vogelbach and Alvarez at DH, Smith will almost 100% be on another roster come Spring Training. And even though the Mets are selling low, they should still be able net a decent return.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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