Pete Alonso is Rewriting his Book

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official, the book is out on Pete Alonso. No, you can’t get it on kindle or Amazon, and no you won’t be able to listen to the audio version while driving to work on Friday morning.

The book we’re talking about here is how the opposing pitchers approach an AB with the Polar Bear, which is common with every player.

“The book’s out. I’ve been around now and for me teams don’t want to give up the home run ball so I want to be able to to adjust and have a good disciplined approach… If I’m staying disciplined, going the other way, taking walks or just putting a good quality swing on the ball in the zone then I’m doing well.”

Pete Alonso to SNY

During the shortened 2020 campaign, Alonso hit just .232/.326/.490/.817 in just 208 at-bats. Some may say that that 2020 year was a wash, but some may also argue that a productivity dip was to be expected as apart of a sophomore slump.

Throughout Alonso’s career, the first baseman is batting .258/.346/.539/.835 in 1482 AB’s.

This season, Alonso is hitting a slash line of .276/.333/.500/.833 in his 116 AB’s. A batting average 18 points higher than his career average, and while his OBP is slightly lower, it’s bound to make a jump up as the slugger continues to adapt.

“I feel like I have pretty decent bat-to-ball… I put a lot of stuff in play hard consistently and I’ve committed to the zone really well and I just want to continue to be able to do that.”

Pete Alonso to SNY

And this is what separates the elite from the rest of the pack, the ability to change and adapt, not just throughout a season, but also the entirety of your career.

“I haven’t seen as many driveable pitches where you want to get big on and hit a double in the gap or go up top but I just want to stay within myself and just put good quality swings on good pitches. Going to right field is a product of having a plan and not getting too big.”

Pete Alonso to SNY

In the slugger’s last 15 games, Alonso’s slashing at a .321/.415/.696 clip to go alongside six home runs and 16 RBI’s. The latest bomb would come in the form of a walk of 2-run home run in the bottom of the 10th against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday afternoon.

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