Free Agent Target: Kyle Seager

It’s no secret the Mets have some needs in their lineup. With Conforto and Baez being free agents, the Mets could spend big on outfielders and a second baseman. This could mean the Mets can’t spend big on a third baseman, which is most likely a spot they want to adress. Should they bring back Villar? Or is there a different option. My preference: Kyle Seager.

It’s only fitting that the Mets take back a big player from the Mariners, after all there success with former Mets. Kyle Seager has been in Seattle for his entire career, but his club option wasn’t picked up by the Mariners.

Seager in this part of his career is an all or nothing hitter. High strikeout numbers, low on base percentage but hits for power. His barrel percentage was in the 80th percentile. It shows in Seager his overall numbers as he posted a .212/.285/.438 slash line, with 35 homers and 101 Runs batted in. Over his career, Seager has been a save bet to hit 20 or more homeruns, with 35 as his career high.

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Another plus with Seager is his solid defense at third. Since 2019, Seager has 10 OAA combined. His only bad defense year was 2018, were he collected minus 5 OAA. Overall since 2016 the 34 year old, collected 24 Outs Above Average. So he is a save bet for good defense at third.

Seagers overall offensive numbers aren’t great. A .723OPS isn’t something to write home about. Still I see him as a good fit offensively because he has featured the Mets lacked. He hits the ball out of the yard (in a pitcher friendly ballpark as well) and comes thru in the clutch.

Seager his career OPS in high leverage spots is .811, while in medium (.801) and low (.711) leverage spots he doesn’t fare as well. In 2021, he was bad in low leverage spots (.563 OPS) but above average in Medium (.882) and high (.825) leverage spots. Seager performs when in the biggest spots.

In conclusion, Seager is a clutch power hitter with very solid defense at third. At 34 years old and not great overall numbers, he wouldn’t break the bank. MLB Trade Rumors has Seager signing for 2 year at 24 million, with Tim Dierkes going with the Mets as the team to sign him. I am all for it.

Seattle Mariners

Photo Credit: ESPN Stats & Info on Twitter

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