Rojas on Alonso’s Absence from Lineup

Many have immediately noticed as soon as the lineup was released, Pete Alonso’s name wasn’t in it. Some fans’ first instinct may have been that Alonso could be once again injured or is dealing with some lingering wrist problems.

However, New York Mets manager Luis Rojas should’ve put everyone’s mind at ease. When speaking to the media before Thursday’s contest against the Padres in San Diego, Rojas told reporters that this is simply a day off.

This off day for Alonso was given due to the first baseman not having a rehab assignment and easing him back into live action. Rojas told the press that Alonso is available off of the bench.

Alonso certainly had a good series in Arizona as he went 5-13 with one home run and five RBI’s against Diamondbacks pitching. However, he hasn’t shared the same success against Darvish while Dom Smith is a great back-up option.

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