Should the Mets lead off with Pillar?

Now hopefully this wouldn’t be a long term alternative however it’s worth looking in to. Since the absence of Brandon Nimmo from the Mets lineup, the Mets have been in need of a lead off hitter and Pillar offers exactly that.

The best thing about Pillar leading off the game is not just his speed, but him being in centerfield gives Luis Rojas the opportunity to give the lineup stability. Now, the team hasn’t exactly been rocking the cover off of the ball lately, however it’s still early and shifting into gears with the regulars is far more important.

While Pillar has only been hitting .235/.278/.373/.650 since joining the Mets, in his last seven games he’s been hitting at a .360/.385/.640 clip. This definitely warrants the nod, however that’s just my opinion.

Luis Rojas has mainly went with Jeff McNeil to lead things off and this season he’s hitting .226/.330/.333/.663. However, he’s also been better in his last seven games as he’s been hitting .286/.394/.321 with a run batted in.

So McNeil is kinda hitting but he’s definitely been getting on base in this most recent stretch. One thing you can’t ignore is McNeil’s career numbers, he’s at .311/.379/.487/.866 line. But does this mean he should be leading off? The answer is no.

Again, with Pillar leading games off, it offers the Mets lineup stability for when Nimmo does return from his injury. Besides, Pillar has just been the better offensive player in his last seven games and McNeil might be better suited off towards the bottom of the lineup with his poor slugging percentage.

However, what do the Mets do when Nimmo returns and Pillar is hitting? We’ll cross that bridge when we need to.

Photo from The New York Mets

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