Mets Predictions: Mets vs Phillies 4/30/21

These are written very early in the morning because I am at work all day. Obviously some of the players might not be possible because I don’t know the lineups yet!


Final Score

Mets 5 Phillies 2

Mets Player of the Game

Dom Smith

Phillies Player of the Game

JT Realmuto

Mets First Hit of the Game

Dom Smith

Phillies First Hit of the Game

Matt Joyce

How I Get Graded

Every prediction I make is worth 1 point. At the end of the day, there are 12 points up for grabs in 2021.

1 point for picking winner

1 point for picking Mets score correctly

1 point for picking opponents score correctly

1 point if the score of the game is correct, but winner is wrong

1 point for Mets player of the game

1 point for opponent’s player of the game

3 points for picking who gets the first hit for both teams (Doesn’t count against me if it’s wrong. This is because it is really difficult to predict this stat, so it is like a bonus stat.)

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