Mets Offense Concerning?

The Mets offense is bad. They aren’t hitting with a .690 combined OPS during the first 19 games. Clearly the main issue for the Mets is power, but they also lack the big hit. And for some Mets players, it’s a career issue.

Yes, I am aware that we are just 19 games into a 162 game season and this offense should deliver at some point. But one thing is concerning to me is the lack of performance in high leverage spots. One player that came to mind was Pete Alonso. I love Pete but when watching the Mets, Pete takes on way too much on his shoulders and tend to chase in high leverage situations.

As you can see in the graphic above, Alonso has way more success in low leverage situations (.989OPS). While his medium and high leverage are about the same, the difference between in OPS in high and low leverage is a shocking .164 points. In 2020, Pete was good in high leverage situations but so far this year he has a .597 OPS in high leverage spots. Definitely something to keep an eye on going forward for Pete. Still an OPS above .800 is above average but the difference stays a lot.

Another hitter who gets a ton of heat when the game in on the line is Michael Conforto. And yes, there is something to be said about this. Conforto’s OPS stands at .787 in high leverage situations with a 87 OPS+. Both below average for a above average overall hitter.

Two more homegrown talented players who have struggled in high leverage situations are Jeff McNeil and Dominic Smith. Both are way worse like Alonso and Conforto in those situations. To me McNeil surprised me, but I also see him putting a lot of pressure on himself. McNeil has a below average OPS+ on high and medium leverage situations. (See below)

Smith on the other hand thrives in medium leverage situations with a 158 OPS+ but struggles mightly in high leverage spots with a shocking 48 OPS+. (See below)

As we can see this is a big part of the Mets lineup that has issues. But end with a high note. Brandon Nimmo is raking in his career in high leverage spots with a .888 OPS, best of all the leverage spots in his career. Keep it up Brandon!

To conclude, the Mets have a big part of their homegrown lineup struggling in high leverage spots in their career, so it is not just these 19 games in 2021. Yes, this lineup main issue is power right now. The power will come and will definitely help get runs on the board. However, this high leverage spots are concerning. Yes, I am aware that most likely hitters have more trouble in big spots, but the differences are alarming.

Are you concerned with the Mets offensive struggles?

Photo by: SNY Twitter

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