Breaking Down: Jeurys Familia

Jeurys Familia got a lot of hate after his outing on Tuesday. Yes he allowed 2 hits and a walk, which let to 2 runs (1 Earned) in his inning of work. There is an obvious reason to keep a close eye on the righty and I get that. But yesterday’s outing was far better than his line would indicate.

Familia got ahead 0-1 before a soft 82.2 mph hit off the bat from Adam Hasely. He hit a soft grounder past the mound, which Lindor tried to field with the bare hand to get the out. It would have been a tough play because Hasely didn’t hit it hard. XBA on the batted ball: .280

Hoskins followed with a 1-2 double that he blooped over the infield. Hoskins hit the ball with a 54.6 exit velo, extremely soft hit. Familia got the ball down and in and yes Hoskins just got lucky. Familia in jeopardy while he could have gotten two outs. We can say, he made the pitches he needed too. XBA on the ball: .280

In the Hoskins at bat, Alonso made a throwing error trying to gun down Hoskins, which scores Hasely.

After Familia struck out McCutchen swinging on a 98 mph fastball above the zone. Hoskins got to third on defensive indifference with just one out.

Familia kept the ball away from Harper, who walked. Making it first and third with one out. For the record, Familia could have been out of it.

Realmuto, a great hitter, topped over a sinker as he grounded out to Lindor. Realmuto did hit it hard, but pounded it into the ground for an easy force out. Mets tried to get the double play, but didn’t work out. Hoskins scores. XBA: .230.

After the Mets let Realmuto go from 1st to third on defensive indifference, Familia got Gregorius to fly out softly to center to end the ball game. Gregorius hit the ball just 91.4 mph for the lazy fly out to Almora Jr. XBA: .090

The highest expected batting average on the balls in play stood at .280 which is way lower than expected on hits. The defense also didn’t play to keep Familia his era down, but to play for outs. Which is fine, but shouldn’t reflect on Familia. I thought he threw the ball really well, he threw 14 strikes out of his 23 pitches and got soft contact.

Perfect example to look at more than just the box score. I understand the frustration with him, but to me this was an encouraging outing.

Photo: SNY Twitter


  1. His results were better than anticipated, but his lack of command of his pitches is the issue. In the long run, his command will determine his level of success, and so far from what I saw in ST, and this game, command is still an issue. He no longer seems to throw with conviction. My suspicion is that he is a sensitive guy, who needs lots of positive reinforcement. In NY, that is a hard thing to find when struggling.

    1. Yes control is the main issue. If he has solid control, he can be very good.

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