Mets Make Offers to Lindor and Conforto

The Mets have reportedly made their initial offers to star short stop Lindor and homegrown outfielder Conforto.

No details are known for the Conforto offer. The Mets would like to keep their right fielder as one of the current leaders of the team. Conforto is coming off a terrific year, we’re he collected a .927OPS.

Some details on the Lindor offer are known. Martino reported that the Mets offer was just below the 300 million mark. The counter offer from Lindor and his camp was well over 300.

This is a normal start for an extension talk and the offers should get closer and closer together. Hopefully it gets done eventually as both players want to get it done before season starts.

Photo by: Kyle Paul from New York Mets country

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