Will They Make the Club? Part I

The Mets have added so much depth this offseason with loads of positions already filled. Still, there are some decisions to make and players showing what they can do, in hopes to make the squad. So will they show enough to make it this spring? First off, let’s take a look at newly acquired Albert Almora jr.

The center fielder had a strong start to his spring. He homered in his Spring Training Debut on Tuesday, showing he is capable of hitting the ball out of the park. If Almora’s bat can be solid, it’s a major plus. Because that’s his main issue over the last couple of years.

Almora is still capable off being a strong defender. His OAA has diminished, but so has his playing time. Either way, with he’s just 26 years old and still provides good speed, I do expect him to be the a solid bench player the Mets need.


The Mets need Almora on the bench. They need their good CF’er in case of a need defensively. Nimmo should be the every day guy and with a good defensively inclined player as back up, that calls for a good formula. And hey, if Almora is capable of hitting a bit while showing some pop, that’s just the icing on the cake with a cherry on top!

2 thoughts on “Will They Make the Club? Part I

  1. With the parts that have been assembled on this team, I would love to see what an intelligent, gutsy manager could do(Earl Weaver, Casey Stengel, Sparky Anderson, Gil Hodges…). The platoon opportunities are intriguing.


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