Mets Game Recap: Astros 0 Mets 2 (3/2/2021)

The Mets hosted and got their first televised Spring Training game in today against the Houston Astros. Even though we’re just in Spring Training, it’s great to see the Mets pick up a victory.

The story of today’s game for the Mets has to be Jeff McNeil and his early solo bomb in the first inning. Not only was it the first HR of the Spring for the Mets, but it also counts as the first run scored.

Centerfielder Albert Almora also crushed a solo-shot in the fifth to pad on an extra run, making it 2-0.

Let’s not forget the tremendous efforts put forward by both Marcus Stroman as well as Jordan Yamamoto. Both pitchers combined to toss four scoreless innings to start the game off. While Stroman has a spot in the Mets rotation, Yamamoto seems prepared to battle for a spot.

Newly acquired catcher James McCann threw out Freudis Nova as he attempted to swipe second, as well. The “strike em out, throw em out” double play would end the inning for the Astros, killing any kind of rally.

Sam McWilliams started off the seventh by allowing the first two runners to reach base. However, the huge standing McWilliams closed out the game and picked up the save.

Photo by Athlete Logos

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