Lindor talks Extension

Lindor started off by saying that there hasn’t been any talks as far as extension so, stating “we haven’t found the time”. Obviously understandable since Lindor just reported to Port St. Lucie.

However, if there were some talks going on since the trade, I don’t expect the organization or Lindor to be fully transparent about it. Lindor is walking into an 2022 off-season that’ll have him smiling all the way to the bank, so there’s no need to cause any disruption throughout the process.

He went on to say “if something comes up… that’s between my agent, Sandy, and the rest of staff.”

He also mentioned that the reason he’s not in a rush to get an extension done is because as a player he feels he has a duty and obligation. That being on-field and trying to be apart of a winning product, and that’s something he says he really wants to focus on.

Photo from CBS

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