Players I look forward to this Spring (the obvious picks)

First Spring Training game is little over a week away. On Monday, March 1, the Mets will face the Miami Marlins as baseball is back. During Spring Training, I like to see what the Mets prospects have in store and how they fair against some of the MLB players, upper level players or high level prospects from other teams. So who to look for this spring.

In the first article I will mention some of the obvious players that the Mets should look for, the prospects names that most fans should know. I’m not going to give a scouting reports, just mentioning what I look for.

Fransisco Alvarez:

Fransisco Alvarez, the 19 year old catcher most fans see as the next big thing behind the plate. The Mets signed James McCann, in hope with Alvarez being ready at the end of McCann his contract.

Alvarez will have a lot of time to develop, as he should. I’m curious to see his power ability and his defense. Alvarez is seen as an all around catcher in the future, but if he is able to hit for some pop against high level pitching, that would be impressive. If not, it’s obviously not a deal breaker.

Ronny Mauricio:

Mauricio has had some at bats in spring training before and did well. If I remember correctly we haven’t seen him play the field yet, so that’s my main focus with Mauricio. How does he handle being the main guy in the infield at short. How can he learn from the best to improve. Also would like to see him drive the ball and utilize his speed this spring to see all assets of his game.

Matt Allan:

Matt Allan is for real. His stuff is for real and can’t wait to see hitters respond to it. I don’t really care if his command is somewhat off, I just want to see how his stuff moves. If he is able to get hitters to be late or look bad on his breaking ball, I would be very happy. He is my main attraction this spring and can’t wait to see him.

Pete Crow-Armstrong:

If I think about a prospect that wouldn’t have a lot of nerves, it’s PCA. I think he would thrive on the field and shows all he can. I’m very excited to see his defense and I hope he gets opportunities to show his skills there. With the bat I look forward to watch his bat to ball skill. Is he able to show his skill against tougher pitching?

Brett Baty:

Power, all Power. Baty will have his fair share of swing and miss in his game, especially adjusting to the game level in ST. I expect him to have a hard time this spring but that’s alright. He can see what he needs to work on to utilize his power bat as he climbs thru the minors. Also, learning from a guy like Pete Alonso can help a lot.

Mark Vientos:

For me it’s an interesting name. Baty is mostly seen as the higher upside prospects at third, but what about Vientos? I think Vientos is the type of player that can perform better this spring than Baty. More ball to bat skills for Vientos and better defense. Maybe he can put his name more in Mets fans mind as the future third baseman?

Next segment will be under the radar prospects, who I like to see.

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