Free Agent Target: Should the Mets Target Shane Greene?

The Mets appear to have their sights set on Trevor Rosenthal right now. But if the Mets can’t sign the righty, are there other options to go with? One name that hasn’t been talked about at all this offseason is Shane Greene, who is coming off a solid year in Atlanta.

Greene pitched to a 2.60 ERA over 27.2 innings of work. He isn’t a strikeout guy as he relies heavily on a sinker, but his 1.12 WHIP is good enough to prevent runs. Over the last two seasons Greene really took a step forward. He pitched to a 2.39 ERA in 90.1 innings in the last two years combined, good for a 199 ERA+. With a WHIP slightly over 1 at 1.04, he limited baserunners.

Besides his K rate and fastball spin/velo numbers (normal for a sinker), Greene had above average percentile numbers in 2020. Only difference in 2019 was him allowing harder contact, but he didn’t walk as many as in 2020 (percentage wise). Good to see Greene allowing some lower velo contact as a contact pitcher.

Baseball Savant

Being a sinker guy it’s also worth mentioning his success with that pitch. Over the last two seasons, he had a minus 10 run value on the sinker and a minus 8 combined on the cutter. It’s a good combination with his slider as his movement/spin direction went across the board. Different pitches with different movement as shown in the graphic below.

Baseball Savant

Although his sinker inches of movement didn’t wow me, his cutter inches of movement was 22th in the majors. Worth noting that his two main used pitched move the other way. Difficult to pick up for hitters.

Conclusion: I could see Greene as a fall back option for a late inning reliever for the Mets. Greene has been successful over the last two seasons and is worth a shot on an one year deal. With Diaz and May, Greene can slide in until Lugo returns.

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