Mets To Sign CF Kevin Pillar

The Mets are expected to sign Kevin Pillar to a major league deal, pending physical. Pillar would be entering his age 32 season with New York Mets. During his 8 years of MLB experience he has slashed a .262/.299/.408.

Pillar’s deal could reach a second year and could be worth $10M in total.

The move is interesting because he his not known for his bat, and has had diminishing OAA as he’s aged. In 2020 his OAA was a -2, in 2019 he had a 2 OAA.

This move also creates a log jam in the OF as the Mets recently signed Almora Jr (1 option left) to a deal. This move might also mean that the Mets are out on CF Jackie Bradley Jr.

(Photo by ESPN)

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