TC Zencka from wrote an article describing how the three team trade developed last week that sent Benitendi to the Royals, Cordero to Red Sox, and the Mets newly aquired prospect Khalil Lee.

Apparently the Royals had no idea of the Mets involvement until 90 minutes before the trade was executed. They knew there was another team involved but it was actually the Red Sox (Zack Scott’s former organization) who did all the foot work to send Lee over to the Mets. Scott has been with the Red Sox for over 16 years so they knew just how high Scott was on Lee and so they reached out to him to have the Mets involved.

“We didn’t have direct conversations with Kansas City on that,” he said. “With my connections to Boston, quite frankly, they know that I liked Khalil Lee. They reached out and asked if there would be interest here. We were excited. Our pro scouts here really liked the player. A lot of tools and athleticism. We liked a lot of things about his performance as well.” -Zack Scott ( Mets GM Zack Scott says team ‘not done’ with offseason moves)

I thought it was interesting to see how the Mets were involved on landing their now number 7 top prospect. Also this deal reminds me of why it’s important to not burn your bridges, I suspect that despite leaving the Red Sox organization that Scott still maintains a friendly relationship with his former organization. Do we see more Mets-Redsox trades in the future? I think so.

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