Mets Talked to Oakland A’s About 3B Matt Chapman

It is no secret that the Mets are shopping JD Davis for an upgrade at 3B. Names like Eugenio Suarez and Kris Bryant have been floating around on twitter but according to a tweet by Craig Carton from WFAN “Carton and Roberts”, the Mets have also contacted Oakland about Matt Chapman.

Lets not get too excited! The chances of the Mets landing Chapman are very low. I do not see any reason why the A’s would be willing to part with him and if the two clubs were to agree to something, I expect it to be quite a haul. Let’s assume that the Mets were to trade JD Davis, they would probably need to include a top prospect in the mix in order to balance it out.

As you can see, the total value is off by almost 17 points. I used Mauricio who has the highest value in the farm as the Mets #1 prospect and it is not enough. However, if the Mets were to include their #3 prospect Brett Baty as well it would bring the value just slightly over the top.

It would appear to be a slight overpay on the Mets part, however, in order to secure a high caliber 3B like Chapman, it would be totally worth it. Of course this would go against the mentality that Steve Cohen said he wanted the Mets to approach. He said that he wants the Mets to pursue moving forward on retaining farm assets, but if for some reason they are able to convince Oakland to a trade, I am sure Cohen would not mind.

Why am I so High on Chapman?

Chapman’s Statcast numbers are off the charts! His career average exit velocity is at 93.6 mph! Since 2018 he has ranked in the top 4 percentile in Exit Velo and top 8 percentile in Hard Hit %. He’s an absolute monster with the bat. He exceeds the MLB average in almost every category! The thing that makes him so appealing is not only that he can swing the bat like a beast, but he can also play some very good defense at 3B. Since the inception of statcast in 2015, Chapman has ranked 2nd to Nolan Arenado in outs above average for 3B.

Here comes the best part, Matt Chapman is under team control through 2023! He is currently making $6,490,000 for 2021 and has 2 arbitration years to follow.

Again, I think that Oakland would be insane to trade a stud like Matt Chapman. However, if Scott is able to convince them to a deal, I would not be upset with giving up the Maurico and Baty along with Davis to make it happen. Just the very thought of having Lindor and Chapman in the same infield seems like a fantasy!

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