Mets get a Top 10 Prospect and is there a big trade coming? (Video)

One response to “Mets get a Top 10 Prospect and is there a big trade coming? (Video)”

  1. Frank,

    Excellent critique on the Mets’ needs and trade possibilities. You know your stuff!

    Regarding the potential trades in question (to Cinn or Chi Cubs), it will require more since the Cubs have a very good contract with Hendricks (although they want to part with Bryant who will become a FA) and the Reds have a reasonable contract with both Sonny Gray and Eugenio Suarez. So if the Mets want to make either deal, they will have to supply the Cubs or the Reds with a player their fans will be excited about, who can play instantly. JD Davis would not generate that kind of interest. It would take dealing a starting player to pry Hendricks from the Cubs (even with Bryant in the deal). The deal with the Reds might be a better possibility. However, Sandy and Co. will also need to furnish the Reds with a low cost starter (Peterson?) + prospects (Mauricio +) to spur their interest.


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