PECOTA Projections Are Out

Pecota standings from baseball prospectus came out today and they favorited the Mets. PECOTA projected the Mets to win 95 games and win the NL East by a fairly big margin. According to their projections, the Mets have a 77.4% chance at winning the NLE division.

Baseball Prospectus

Take projections with a grain of salt, as I don’t see the Braves finishing fourth in the NL East and see the Mets win in that type of margin. However, it shows how the Mets talent is viewed amongst knowledgeable baseball people.

2 responses to “PECOTA Projections Are Out”

  1. holmer

    This is a sum of the parts but winning and losing is a synergistic endeavor in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Even with that the Braves talent is equal to, or better than, the Mets talent. I’d be ecstatic if the division shook out this way but I, too, have questions about the reliability of these predictions.


  2. Koos

    So much for Pecota…


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