Should Walker walk on over to Flushing?

Yes, I know that it would be a really long walk from Toronto, but the Mets could use one more starter at the end of their rotation. Now in a lot of cases, a team like the Mets with where they are, might make a move to acquire a veteran to fill that role, but Taijuan Walker would be a great pick, in my opinion.

Now looking at one of my newer favorite tools at the Baseball Savant website, I was shocked to see that Walker’s 2020 percentile rankings didn’t really match the actual results.

Baseball Savant

You don’t usually want to see this much grey and or blue when you go on a player’s Baseball Savant page, yet that’s what we’re seeing here with Walker. While he’s not blowing batters away with his fastball, his hard hit percentage is impressive. Not to mention he owned a 2.70 ERA in 53 innings in 2020.


While none of these projections for the 2021 campaign are sexy, the Mets don’t need sexy. They need a pitcher that’ll give about 150 innings from the end of the rotation. I believe Walker can offer the Mets exactly that.

With Bauer off the board, I don’t think Walker is the best pitcher on the out there on the market, but it’s important to have contingency plans. Pitchers like Odorizzi, Paxton, and Arrieta are still in play.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

4 thoughts on “Should Walker walk on over to Flushing?

  1. I was thinking on him and Paxton this AM. The problem with Walker is you cant start him in a playoff game. If Paxton is healthy i like him better.

    But I think the Mets have another trick up the sleeve. Saw someone mention Charlie Blackmon today. Interesting… You dont want to respond to a fail (Bauer) by acquiring a guy who doesn’t move the needle. Blackmon is incredibly consistent, home-road and lefty-righty. .303, .360, .500 and he’s a gamer. Has player options for 22 and 23 if I recall correctly for around $22 million. You have to think he’s gettable now too.

    We need another arm but you dont need it right now if the right guy isn’t there. We are all a little impatient right now because the expectations have been raised but better to regroup and find the right move. Imagine the Mets offense with CB.

    Blackmon CF
    McNeil 2B
    Lindor SS
    Alonso DH
    Conforto RF
    Davis 3B
    Smith 1B
    McCann C
    Nimmo LF

    Bring on the Dodgers


  2. Walker would be a great get! Blackmon hasn’t played CF since 2018. He’s no longer a CF and has a huge contract. No thank you, especially if there is no DH in the NL this year. As good a hitter as Charlie B is, he just doesn’t fit here. Keep Nimmo in CF and replace him after the 7th inning with acquiring Almora. Also sign Marwin Gonzalez as an occasional starter, PH and defensive replacement at 3B.


  3. Take a chance with Paxton and trade for Josh Hader. Find a late inning defensive replacement for Nimmo in center and live with JD Davis at third.


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