Where the Mets go moving forward

So missing out on Trevor Bauer is missing out on your number two pitcher, while he would’ve been a super expensive one, the Mets could’ve used him. So what do the Mets do now?

If you want to talk trade, we can head over to Cincinnati and talk about Sonny Gray and possibly even try to add on a Eugenio Suarez. While many fans are put off by Gray’s first experience in New York with the Yankees, it’s been made clear that the Yankees tried to turn Gray into Tanaka, and it just didn’t work.

Gray would fit in almost perfectly behind deGrom and this trade would allow the Mets to upgrade defensively at third base. It seems that J.D. Davis has the job at third, but Suarez is the type of player that could change Davis’ role.

They also have the opportunity to trade for players like Harrison Bader of the Cardinals and Kevin Kiermaier of the Rays. Both would be tremendous upgrades in centerfield, at least defensively.

As far as FA signings, Jackie Bradley jr is still out there, however $40M+ seems a bit expensive for the offensively challenged centerfielder. While I love Bradley, I love him as a short term option that won’t break the bank. That’s seemed to have changed.

After JBJ, I see a few right-handers that could end up platooning with Brandon Nimmo. Players like Albert Almora jr and Delino deShields jr, both of which should be cheap options.

Pitchers Jake Odorizzi, James Paxton, and even Jake Arrietta will definitely be the focus of the Free Agent Market. Lefty Jose Quintana and right-hander Taijuan Walker could also be potential acquisitions.

Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

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