Why the Mets are a Perfect Fit for Trevor Bauer

The New York Mets have emerged as front-runners to sign defending Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer.

The Mets have seemingly emerged as front-runners for Trevor Bauer, per Jon Morosi and other Twitter sources. Bauer, 30, is coming off the best season of his major league career. Not only did he win the Cy Young award in 2020, but he led the league in ERA and WHIP.

This entire off-season, the Mets have always been a name associated with Bauer. The Dodgers, Giants, Angels, and Padres all were also in on Bauer. However, reports are that Bauer has narrowed it down to the Mets and the Dodgers.

Bauer will not come cheap. Rumors are the Mets have offered him around $30M AAV, which would possibly put the Mets over the luxury tax limit. This comes as well with the concern of not being able to extend Michael Conforto and Francisco Lindor.

Many Mets fans are wondering the same thing- why would this deal make sense for the Mets?

There are many answers to that question.

If the Mets acquire Bauer, the rotation would probably look like this-

  1. Jacob DeGrom
  2. Trevor Bauer
  3. Marcus Stroman
  4. Carlos Carrasco
  5. David Peterson/ Noah Syndergaard

Many could argue that would immediately give the Mets the best rotation in baseball, which would in turn make them favorites to win the NL East.

Regardless of the dollar count on the contract, this deal will be beneficial for the Mets in many ways. Rumors are that the deal would include an opt-out at the end of 2021. If that’s the case, is it really worthwhile to sign a player for a big contract just for him to leave after one season? Here are some of the reasons why.

First off, it makes the Mets World Series contenders in 2021. The Mets will have one of the best lineup/rotation in baseball. This immediately makes 2021 a World Series contending year for the Mets.

Many people wonder how this will impact the extensions of Francisco Lindor and Michael Conforto. If Bauer decides to opt out after the 2021 season, they will be able to extend both Lindor and Conforto at that time. Although fans want to see them extended this season, the Mets have a period of time that they can do so after the season. If the Mets decide to wait until next off-season to extend them, they will have the ability to do so with more money to spend.

Jon Heyman reported that the Bauer chase is down to the Mets and Dodgers, and that he will be likely making a decision within the next 24 hours.

Photo from David Kohl, USA TODAY Sports

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