Q&A with Mets addition Colby Morris

The Mets signed RHP Colby Morris to a minor league deal a couple of days ago. Morris went from Middlebury College to Independent baseball to signing a deal with the Mets before the weekend. In 2019 while still in College, he pitched to a 3.25 ERA over 72 innings before he made the transition to Independent Baseball.

After struggling with the Trios-Riveries Aigles and Gary SouthShore RailCast, he pitched better for the Milwaukee Milkman in 2019. In 2020 he pitched just 3 innings, allowing one run for the Chicago Deep Dish.

In this interview we talked about his route to the Mets and his process of signing. Morris also gives a scouting report. Hope you all enjoy the Q&A with one of the newest members of the organization.

Q: First off all, congrats on signing with the New York Mets organization. You went thru Middlebury College, a private school for art. How was your normal daily routine in college?

A: So Middlebury is liberal arts college in Vermont and is in the NESCAC conference which is made up of high academic colleges in the Northeast. As a result, despite being an athlete, academics were a large focus in the day to day life and practice never started before 3pm. I would usually be in class for about 4 hours a day, either 9am-1pm or 12-4pm depending on the day. I would usually go to the training room for around an hour a day before practice to stretch out, would go to practice from 330-6 and then workout after that, do my schoolwork from around 8-10 and go to bed after that.

Q: During 2020, you pitched for numerous independent league teams. Takes us thru how a day/week goes in the independent league?

A: Independent baseball has games every day just like in the minor leagues, so the routine was to go to the field around 2pm before a 7:05pm night game and go through normal batting practice and pregame preparation. On off days, we would usually have to travel on long bus rides to the next stadium so there really wasn’t any free time except in the mornings when I would usually sleep in.

Q: How did your process go with signing with the Mets, after your latest work in the independent league?

A: I actually first tried out for the Mets last February during spring training in Port St. Lucie and did quite well. I think I might’ve been signed last year if it wasn’t for COVID but I remained in touch with them through the pandemic and sent them video and data from bullpens this offseason and that helped to get them to finally sign me.

Q: Can you give Mets fans a scouting reports and what they can expect from Colby Morris?

A; I am not a huge velocity pitcher, I work in the 88-92 range but can top out at higher than that but have a really high spin rate on the fastball. I have a good change up and the grip is called a Vulcan change up and I throw that a heavy percentage of the time. I also throw a curveball and slider and am a big strike thrower and can eat a lot of innings and be a workhorse.

Q: Do you have any knowledge about where your career with the Mets will begin?

A: I would imagine in Low A with Port St. Lucie due to my age but I’m just going to go into spring training with an open mind and compete for a job wherever they put me.

Q: How are you preparing for the new season?

A: I have been training near my home in San Francisco at baseball facilities and have been doing velocity work and strength work in the weight room and am now starting to get on the mound and work on shaping my pitches and honing in my command.

Q: Growing up, who was your favorite player and what was your team to root for?

A: I grew up in San Diego and was a big Padres fan and always loved Mark Loretta who was their second baseman for a long time.

Q: You are in the majors and facing Mike Trout. What would be your game plan?

A: I’d expect him to be aggressive early in the count against me and would try to get him off balance and get a weak ground ball. I’d likely throw a changeup low and in and hope he rolled over.

Q: Can you share any video of your work as a pitcher?

A: Here is a link to video from my time with the Milwaukee Milkmen:

Q: Any hobbies besides baseball you like to do. How do you spend your spare time?

A: I like to spend a lot of time in the outdoors, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, and surfing, although I’ll be doing less of that heading towards spring training to reduce risk for injury.

Q: Thank so much for answering my questions. Looking forward to follow your route thru the Mets system. Good luck this year!

A: Thank you for having me, Corne!

Photo by: Colby Morris private collection

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