MetsJunkies Predictions: Michael Conforto

After we did one arm in Stroman, let’s get back to the homegrown player, Mets fans would love to extend. Mets right fielder: Michael Conforto.

Corné Hogeveen:

Michael Conforto is coming off his best season in 2020. In the 60 game shortened season he hit .322/.412/.515 with 9 homeruns and 31 RBIs. Conforto was able to use the whole field more, but his high BABIP makes me believe he won’t be as good as he was in 2020. However, Conforto will still be a very strong player in the Mets lineup. Maybe for a long time.

.281/.380/.500 with 34 homeruns and 102 RBIs

Del Alba:

As my buddy Corné pointed out, Michael Conforto had a high BABIP last season. It was well beyond abnormal as it boosted higher than .400 (league average is .300). I am going to say that Conforto regresses to the point where some Mets fans may become furious that he can’t duplicate his 2020 stats. I still believe that he will be productive in this Mets lineup, just not a superstar bat. But what do I know? Maybe 2020 wasn’t a fluke and it’s signs of great things to come for Conforto who will be entering a contract year?

.260/.367/.455 with 28 HR and 89 RBI

Gem Tablak:

Many Mets fans have been excited about Michael Conforto since he was selected in the first round of the 2014 draft. So much so, that many fans followed his MiLB career and called for an MLB promotion when the young outfielder was still in Double-A.

This is very understandable. Conforto was either amongst the first class or one of the very first classes where we were able to watch an MLB draft on the Network. Whether it’s a conscious or subconscious thing, it definitely fortified a bond between the fans.

Here’s my prediction for this stud corner outfielder who’s positioned to make a whole lot of money, soon. But to hang with my two buds up there, buggin’ BABIP and wild WAR, yo.

.282/.374/.485 with 35 HR’s to go alongside 94 RBI’s.


Photo by: Elsa/Getty Images

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