MetsJunkies Predictions: Marcus Stroman

The StroShow will be back in Orange and Blue after he accepted the Qualifying Offer this offseason. Smart move by Stroman who has a shot to increase his value with a strong return season in 2021. But do we expect a strong return from the righty?

Corne Hogeveen:

Marcus Stroman is one of my favorite players in the game right now. His attitude, his confidence and his different style of pitching with his different mechanics are so fun to watch. The guy has fun and is pretty good in what he is doing. I love that he is wearing the Orange and Blue again and can’t wait to see him back on the Citi Field mound. I expect a huge year from Stroman, who will provide new pitches to his arsenal. He is reportedly working on a split change and it looked filthy. I also love Stro his slider, which is as filthy as they come. Marcus Stroman will have a career year.

11-6, 2.94 ERA, 1.25WHIP, 160IP

Gem Tablak:

I think Stroman will have a pretty good year, I’m certain of it. The thing is, I’m not exactly sure it’ll translate into his win/loss record, obviously we’ve seen this with our pitchers before.

He’s entering an important year, a contract year, so we should expect the pressure to be on.

I see Stroman going 11-12 but pitching to a 3.39 ERA across the span of 172 innings pitched. The bit of a downside I see with the New York native is with walks, only because of how effective his slider is but also because it’s easier to not swing as opposed to hitting it hard.

So I’ll hit him with a 1.44 WHIP, but his heavy sinker should bail him out.

Del Alba:

Marcus Stroman is most known for his ability to put the ball on the ground. However, that’s pre-Mets Stro. The new and improved Stro improved his K rate by 2 points from 7.1 to 9.1 after being traded to the Mets. He’s also has been working on a new pitch (split-change) that can help him generate some more K’s. I think he’s going to surprise a lot of us Mets fans, especially since we have improved the middle infield with Lindor at SS and hope to see Luis Guillorme play same 3B.

I predict him throwing about 170 IP with at 3.50 ERA 1.15 WHIP and 180 K (yep, a K/9 rate north of 9!!!)


Photo by: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

One response to “MetsJunkies Predictions: Marcus Stroman”

  1. Rich

    Lets hope you guys are right, Im not so optimistic. First and foremost, while it was his right, I think his opt out last year and subsequent, contrived, come to uncle Steve moment, tell us that he’s an more opportunist than a dog. I dont trust that the team means anything to him. Maybe im wrong but that’s how I see him.
    That stuff in itself is not mandatory but its usually important unless you are a superstar and Stroman is not on that level. Hes a serviceable 3 or really better a 4, thats just who is. Hes not going to get you thru the order 3 times and you certainly dont want to have to give him the ball in a big spot but you can live with him this year even at his inflated price.


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