Mets Need More Jose Martinez Type Deals

The Mets added Jose Martinez on an uniquely structured deal. The type of deal that’s perfect for the Mets, because it gives them much needed depth and for a low cost with a player who still has options. Martinez is on the 40 man roster, but can be positioned in the minors. In AAA, he will earn $225k, above the normal pay for an average AAA player, but won’t be against the luxury tax.

The Mets lack depth in the upper levels and this a way the Mets can find depth rather cheap. There are a ton of pitchers who are worth a shot and not required a 40 man roster spot. Pitchers like Felix Hernandez, Collin McHugh (mentioned him in this article), Chris Archer, Rick Porcello and even a veteran like Rich Hill could be a pitcher that might fall into that category.

The Mets are in a prime position to reel those type of pitchers in. They have the finances to give players a higher salary in AAA as they provide much needed depth. Behind the starting 5, the Mets have Eickhoff, Oswalt and Kilome as main starting pitching depth. We all know that should be better in a 162 game season.

I expect the Mets to have a lot of traction in this department over the next couple of months. Not only with starting pitching depth, but position player depth as well. Getting guys with the potential of Jose Martinez (although I’m not loving the move due to lack of flexibility) is a major plus. Depth can be added with solid players in this off-season, so the Mets will pounce on that.

Photo by: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

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