Mets sign 14 IFA’s

While everyone is focused on what the Mets could be doing on the Free Agent Market, let’s not turn a blind eye to what’s happening in the International Free Agent Market.

While the Mets have usually not been shy about opening their wallets to IFA’s, the front office seems to be taking a different approach this time around.

Here’s a list of the IFA’s the Mets have signed so far:

OF Gustavo Marquez

RHP Elian Nuñez – This right has a fastball that sits in the upper 80’s and pairs it alongside a tight curveball.

OF Johairo Cuevas

RHP Enderson Arevalo

SS Diego Mosquera

SS Samual Camacaro

RHP Aaron Martinez

RHP Lennerd Ramos

LHP Inmer Lobo

C Ruben Tatis

OF Sebastian Castro

SS Isaac Lechuga

SS Jensy Silvestre

SS Yoendy Perez

Source: Mike Mayer

Photo from CBS Sports

One response to “Mets sign 14 IFA’s”

  1. Rich

    Just guessing but you would think this change in strategy would mean a change in infrastructure at the international instructional leagues and academies. If that’s the case its exciting. Investment in more academies and instruction at ground zero is how the dodgers have always done it. This is a storyline to watch.


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