Sugano Back to Japan

Tomoyuki Sugano hasn’t signed and will return to the Yomiuri Giants. He will sign a 4 year deal including three opt outs. The Mets were rumored to have some interest, but went a different route with the Carrasco/Lindor trade.

There is a change the Mets go for Sugano next year with just three starters under contract for next year.

Photo by: the Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images

2 thoughts on “Sugano Back to Japan

  1. Hahahaha. Yesterday served as a great comeuppance for all the crying, negative doubters. First with the trade of course, but the fact that no one signed this guy ends any argument about the Mets commitnet building a winner and their competence to do so. Maybe now the naysayers will shut up and get on board. This team is going to be the powerhouse we’ve always dreamed of.


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