MetsJunkies React: Lindor/Carrasco Trade

With the trade being finalized and Lindor and Carrasco becoming a Met, we will give our reactions and thoughts about the trade the Mets announced today!

Corne Hogeveen:

I adore this trade. Getting a 5 tool player at a prime position in Lindor is the main type of player I want to extend. Lindor is first in homeruns and XBH among shortstops since 2015. He is fifth is WAR among all time shortstops in their first 5 seasons.


But it’s not just getting a great superstar shortstop, it’s also a very good arm in Carlos Carrasco. Our own Del Alba wrote a great article earlier this off-season about Carrasco and he got his wish. Carrasco has been a terrific arm. Since 2015, he has been very good and somewhat undervalued. He has 2 years worth $24M, plus an option of $14M. A steal for that type of arm.

Obviously getting those type of players will cost you talent. However, the trade seems fair for both. The Mets just get a proven superstar player and a much needed starter. I think it’s a terrific deal.


Del Alba:

Unless you’re a CLE fan, everyone is a fan of this deal. Last month I wrote an trade target article about why the Mets should target Carlos Carrasco. In Lindor, the Mets have added a top 10 caliber MLB player that provides power and speed at a premium position. In short, Lindor is a 5-tool player that can be an impactful part of this Mets club’s line-up from both sides of the plate.

Lindor is the type of player that feeds off the energy of the crowd and his team mates. At only 27 year’s old, I expect the Mets to lock him up long-term, especially since they will have the payroll flexibility.

Gem Tablak:

The Mets come away with the big steal here. With Amed Rosario unfortunately having one foot out of the door, the Mets were able to maximize a return for him. Not only did the Mets get their MVP caliber of a shortstop, they now have a front end starter in Cookie Carrasco to slot behind deGrom as well as as Stroman.

This also leaves room to wiggle if you’re Jared Porter and Zack Scott. Alderson addressed the need to strengthen the team up the middle and that now only leaves centerfield as well as pitching.

If the Mets could now sign Brad Hand and Jackie Bradley jr, they could be a force to be reckoned with. And while Sandy or the Mets haven’t crossed Springer off their list, it could very well be less likely now.

With the additions of Trevor May, Sam McWilliams, James McCann, and now Francisco Lindor paired up with Carlos Carrasco, the team is left with roughly $28M to work with.

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