Are the Mets going “Sugar-free”?

The Devil Jon Heyman is reporting that while there are teams interested in Sugano including the Mets, the Mets might be focused elsewhere.

Via Twitter

Photo from the Asahi Shimbun/Getty images

One response to “Are the Mets going “Sugar-free”?”

  1. Chris

    Ok, the Mets need pitching, here is a guy presumably available at a cost effective rate. Had a ton of success, should be able to be successful in the USA. No interest? Please don’t tell me they are waiting on Bauer, who has had basically one good half year 2020. Are they in on: Tanaka, Walker, Ordizzi? Who? Hand, Hendriks??? It is a bit frustrating that there is no real info on what they are trying to do.


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