Nats get their first baseman

The Nats have traded for Pirates first baseman Josh Bell. Bell is coming off a bad year, but was pretty good in 2019. The switch hitter has three years of control left.

In return the Nats trade #3 prospect Will Crowe and #6 prospect Eddy Yean to get Bell from the Pirates.

Our division rival is getting a solid hitter who hits the ball consistently hard in 2019 when he had a .938 OPS, however that’s the only season he had a higher OPS than. 800. Fairly low for a first baseman. His career WAR stands at 2.4 which isn’t that great as well. Still Bell is an upgrade over Thames for the Nats, who played most of the Nats games at first. With the strong 2019 season (yes bad in 2020) and the control. It’s a good risk to take for the Nats.


Photo by: Jason Miller/Getty Images

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